Sunday, September 2, 2012

::jaga hati dan perasaan::

holla guys...~~~
assalamualaikum...sehat ke...???
actually tak tau nak tulis apa kat blog ni dah...rasa macam nak tutup je account ni..~~~
sangat la nak tutup...
tetiba terlintas kat fikiran ini "jaga hati dan perasaan"
seperti biasa kita selalu sangat menjaga hati orang...nak yang terbaik untuk orang diri kita sendiri....sapa yang nak jaga hati dan perasaan kita...sapa yang nk lakukan yang terbaik untuk diri kita...???"

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Hi, can I tell you something?
Can you promise not to tell anyone?
Because it’s a secret.

I believe a lot of us grew up listening to this sentence.
It was so common during our younger days when we felt that secrets were something which is very special and should not be told to another person unnecessarily.

Instead, our secrets were traded.
"I’ll only tell you my secret if you tell me yours, first”

To our young and innocent minds, we often believed that secrets we said will not be told to another person. How wrong we were.

As we grew older, we don’t believe in that anymore.
We will feel that a secret is something which we will only tell certain people.
Perhaps we would only let our parents, our love ones or a very best friend know.

There are times however we realized that even our very best friends would not keep the secret that we entrusted to them.

We felt the hurt when someone else came to us asking about it.
As we entered adulthood, our secrets became a very personal thing.

These secrets are something which might has happened to us a long time ago. It could have been something unpleasant, something that we don’t want to rake it up all over again. It could have been a past relationship which you would not want your present partner to know.

For whatever reason it may be, we won’t really want to talk about it.

And so we sealed & locked our secrets away, buried deep inside our hearts.
Fearing that we do not have the courage to face it.

As more secrets were buried, our hearts slowly become a hurt locker waiting yearning for attention.

Over a while, we tend to forget about them and move on with life.
Until something happened that made us think back and pondered over the secrets that we buried deep.

What sort of secrets do you have?
Will you tell someone or will you bring it to you grave?
Will you smile knowing that it’s safe because no one else knows about it.

All of us have secrets, deep inside our hearts.

We kept them deep not because we don’t want anyone to find out, we are only waiting for the right person to tell…